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Individual Training or Small-Group Training?

Select between Individual Training sessions for one-on-one training or Small-Group Training. Not sure which one is for you? It really depends what you need to improve. If you have very specific training goals, then Individual Training might be the way forward. If you're looking to challenge yourself under the pressure of an opponent with more individual attention than regular team training sessions provide, Small-Group Training is ideal.

Individual Training sessions allow our coaches to concentrate on the specific needs of the individual player.  The Small Group training sessions allow players to receive intense and focused training on a specific theme in an environment with and against other players, and with much more attention to detail compared to regular team training sessions.  

See below for Individual Training and Small Group Training costs.

Sav futsal pic.jpeg

ONE-ON-ONE HOURLY RATE.............$90.00 


TWO PLAYER HOURLY RATE...........$60.00 / Player

THREE PLAYER HOURLY RATE.......$50.00 / Player

FOUR PLAYER HOURLY RATE.........$45.00 / Player

FIVE TO SEVEN PLAYER RATE........$40.00 / Player

EIGHT+ PLAYER HOURLY RATE......$35.00 / Player

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